Google Facing Antitrust Probes – Beat That Quote Acquisiton?

Bloomberg reports that Google is facing antitrust issues withn some of its expansion plans. The issues are over areas such as mobile advertising and book scanning to “organise the world’s information’. What does this mean for Beat That Quote?

Google is also facing issues with the acquisition of ITA:

Google’s acquisition of ITA Software will create a new, easier way for users to find better flight information online, which should encourage more users to make their flight purchases online.

The argument is that Google would monopolise another vertical however it’s more complicated than that:

ITA does not power most of the major travel sites. Out of the top five travel search sites, only Orbitz uses QPX. Expedia uses its own proprietary software, Priceline uses the E-Pricing system (owned by Travelport), and Travelocity and Yahoo use ATSE (owned by Travelocity). It’s hard to argue that QPX is the crown jewel asset of travel search when only one of the five major players currently uses it.

So, what of Beat That Quote?

There were suggestions that Google penalised the Beat That Quote site in the search results so as not to appear anti-competitive. However, it could be that the Google algorithm kicked in and realised that the majority of BTQ’s links were purchased, unethical and therefore deserved a hit. (Almost all sites in this space buy links so the big players tend to stick in the top spot regardless).

Google’s previous Bans

Google have banned or penalised many people in this space before:

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