Top Tier Finance Terms Still Targeted By Blackhats


Top Tier finance terms, those that drive the most per click, are still being targeted by blackhats and spammers. sometimes these attacks (mainly against Google) last only a few days and sometimes only a few hours.They are, however, worthwhile. In a similar situation a whitehat internet market made $14K per month for appearing on the first page of a highly trafficked keyphrase. Payday loans and Car Insurance Comparison are still very expensive terms that drive significant volumes.

Pay Day Loan Fishing

PayDay Loans are big business, but they can also be shady. Lead Generation is the name of the game in this niche.

Booming payday lenders are prepared to pay big money for personal details of people looking for a loan, so-called “leads”.
There’s a gold rush in lead ­generation, the murky world where marketers compete to find and sell these details

Source: Mirror

Car Insurance SERP Hack

This short lived hack attempt lasted only a few hours but being on the first page of Gooogle for Car Insurance bring in significant traffic. It’s then about monetizing that traffic, normally through spammy lead gen or ads.
The content on the site is very small, there’s nothing I could find that indicates hidden text or mass on-page spamming. Looking at the categories on the site it’s obvious this site is used to spam multiple categories/verticals as it’s all related
Source: SEO Unique

Payday loan firms warned by OFT

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